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Save our dimension!


Heeding the strange dreams and warnings, you have been building up your strength and skills at home.

Now, you must set out on your adventure to defeat stronger, and stranger, foes.

Only you can stop the impending disaster and save everything you know.

About Leaky Dimensions

Leaky Dimensions is a mobile fighter in its simplest state.  In this game there are two modes.  The first is a traditional level mode where you go level by level to face off against enemies and progress the story.  The second is the Infinite mode where you can face off against all of the unlocked enemies you have encountered.

About Us

Bawden Studio is a small, part-time, game studio located near Columbus, Ohio.  While we have focused primarily on educational titles, Leaky Dimensions felt like a good opportunity to do something that was just plain fun.  The educational part of this game is that we will be sharing behind-the-scenes information with you as we continue to work on developing the game.

Developer Diaries

Leaky Dimensions is an ongoing development.  We plan to keep adding new levels, and foes, for some time to come.  We plan on including you in the process.  Please check out the developer diaries to learn about the backstory of the game, what we have done so far, and what we plan to do from here.